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我們在部落格上針對馬拉拉事件,問了『 16歲的孩子在做什麼?』



下面是一位敦化國中二年級學生Barbie Yeh寫的心得,希望你們也能給她或我們一些回饋。下面敦化國中二年級學生課後的回饋

Barbie Yeh 

Taking what you have seen from the short clip of Dream Show and based on the knowledge we have of Malala Yousafzai, Why do YOU think education is important? Can your dreams be achieved without education? Compare and contrast these two VERY DIFFERENT; yet VERY SIMILAR stories. 

Malala Yosafzai fought and continues to fight for not only her, but womankind- she is fighting for everyone’s right to be able to learn, gain knowledge and be able to obtain a decent education. Following our discussion about Malala Yosafzai, we were asked to watch a story that contains some similarities to Malala’s journey. However, this account was based on struggles and hardships experienced by a Chinese children’s choir. Ultimately, the Chinese children’s choir had hopes of acquiring funds for an educational institution. The Chinese children’s choir and Malala Yousafza come from very different backgrounds but what they share in common is their desire to obtain a proper education, even when the odds are against them. 

Malala and the Chinese children’s choir are extremely aware of the importance of a proper education. A solid educational background can be very important for everyone. When it comes time for us to get/ find a job and start working, education can play a huge factor, and with that education, you might be able to land a better job. Having a proper education could possibly assist us with getting a better job [maybe even a career], thus, supplying us with an overall higher quality of life. If we do not bother to try to get a good education, we can never truly expand and build upon the knowledge that we already have. Knowledge is power and without knowledge, something as simple as right and wrong, good or bad can suddenly become confusing. 

With that being said, different jobs require different standards. As a doctor, your educational journey will differ from that of a worker bee [a person that just needs to listen to his/ her boss]. Thus, different dreams need different levels of education. Moreover, education is important to me, because in order to follow, my dream, I need to have strong mathematical and English skills.